Mike Lukas

Comedian Mike Lukas has been described as a one-man improv act. That's not surprising when you consider he is an alumni of the renowned Second City sketch/improv company. The Cleveland native has performed with the troupe in Chicago, as well as with various road companies. He also did a hitch in S.C.'s Las Vegas edition. In his standup act he uses characters, odd voices, and even sound effects to bring his jokes to life. He covers everything from relationships to urban legends. "Have you heard about the guy losing his head on Space Mountain in Disneyland?" he asks an audience. "How does that happen? 'Wha-hoo no hands!' Boom! No head! Show-off. What if you're working that ride? Some people take it very seriously. Someone loses their head on your ride, it's a bad day at work." Lukas actually had a job at Disney World, doing in-house television work before heading to New York. Big Apple audiences weren't always welcoming. "The Midwest sensibility and humor wasn't appreciated," he says. "'You're goofy, why aren't you angrier?'" He ended up in L.A., co-hosting a successful radio show with his wife, Gretchen Massey. Next stop: Cleveland? "We had a baby in September, so we brought her back to Cleveland to raise her around family," he says. "Imagine trying to talk your wife from Texas into living in Ohio with the winters. You kind of have to gloss over that part." 18+.
Dec. 8-12, 8 p.m.; Dec. 11-12, 10:30 p.m., 2009

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