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Mike E. Winfield

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It’s shaping up to be a big year for Mike E. Winfield. He appears in Pimp, a film due out November 9. “I also shot two more movies this year already, which is amazing,” he adds. “This year I made an effort to do more acting. Like really doing the work and learning the skills.” Oddly, that hasn’t kept him off the standup stage, where he’s talking about, among other things, weird Groupon deals. “I got a massage for 30 dollars,” he says, “because I had a Groupon. I should have known better. That was a bizarre experience.” Winfield is married and has a son. That’s led to him working as a Little League baseball coach. “I’m just inspired by watching kids grow and learn,” he says. “There’s so much going on besides the game, and there are so many backstories. Those are some of the things I’m trying to share onstage.” 18+.