Mike Birbiglia Image courtesy the standup


Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Daily from Oct. 17-19
7:30 p.m.
Oct. 19
2 p.m.

Mike Birbiglia’s standup is delightfully mundane. This isn’t a backhanded compliment: He’s one of the rare working comics who can talk about the absurdity of everyday life and somehow give us a new perspective. In 2008, he brought that perspective in his stage show-turned-film, Sleepwalk With Me, where he shared details of his life as a sleepwalker. His new show, aptly titled The New One, features bits on the adult milestones of relationships, marriage, and parenting. These days, Birbiglia is finely attuned to turning life experiences into standup fodder. “The other day I was at a coffee shop,” he says, “and a bird pooped in my eye from 30 feet in the air. It landed in my eye and it really hurt—like anything from 30 feet will hurt your eye. As though it was on cue, one of the other dads in the neighborhood leaned over and said, ‘Well, that’ll be good material!’ And I thought, ‘The person who invented the phrase “too soon” must have had bird poop in his eye.’”