Midnight Oil

Aug. 29
7 p.m.
Alternative, Classic Rock, Rock

Longtime political activists and self-proclaimed agitators, the Australian rockers Midnight Oil and their seven-foot lead singer, Peter Garrett, have fittingly chosen these alarming, tumultuous times to resurface. The Oils are midway through their first tour in 15 years, touting progressive and environmental issues—and offering several new box sets, including rarities. Garrett spent most of the interim as an elected member of Australia’s Parliament and a Cabinet minister with portfolios in the arts, environment, and education. The band’s taut, incendiary rock anthems, exemplified by the hit “Beds Are Burning,” featured lyrics supporting indigenous people’s rights, social justice, and ecological protection. Garrett issued a politically charged solo album last year, A Version of Now. No word on new Oils material. Aussie punkabillies the Living End open.