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Michael Palascak

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City Pages caught up with comedian Michael Palascak via phone from his home in Los Angeles, where he was busy taking care of his son. “I talk about being a dad some,” he says of his set. “It’s more about making fun of myself. My mom told me, ‘You better not talk about him onstage. He’s not something you use for material.’” Palascak also discusses being a comedian who travels the country. Growing up, he wanted to be an athlete, even going as far as trying out for his college baseball team at Xavier University in Cincinnati. “I didn’t make it. That’s when I started doing acting and improv.” Comedy followed when he moved to Chicago. It was something that was in him for a long time. “I just had an insane level of confidence from an early age that I could make people laugh—even though I didn’t,” he explains. “I thought, ‘I can make people laugh, they just don’t know it yet.’” Palascak has performed on nearly all of the late-night talk shows, and will be recording his shows at Acme for a new album.