Michael Malone

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Michael Malone sounds tired when reached by phone at his home in Los Angeles, and not just because it’s early in the morning on the West Coast. He’s been busy. “Projects, projects, projects,” he says. Those include a new animated series, The Good Doctor, on Funny or Die; another series for YouTube to coincide with the holidays; and a claymation special slated for closer to Christmastime. “I love having the time off and being able to create and do stuff and be home,” he says, “but there’s nothing quite like having that live audience every night.” While he can perform in L.A., on the road, he notes, the crowd treats the show as an event. Minneapolis is a favorite destination. “Not to placate,” he says, “but the audiences there are just so fantastic, man. It’s such a progressive and open-minded city. It’s an art city as well, so they get it. It’s not like going to Nowhere, Arkansas, and doing jokes. Minnesota gets it.” Though he steers clear of politics, he has been known to tease a few crowds. “In Texas I said, ‘Before I get into this, can everyone please put their phones and guns on silent?’” 18+; 21+ later shows.