Michael Che Performance still


Michael Che

July 12
8 p.m.

Don’t be fooled by his easygoing demeanor; comic Michael Che possesses an incisive wit that tears absurd social conventions to shreds. Che has proven himself to be one of the most consistently hilarious and insightful humorists in recent years. His standing as a top-tier comic was reflected in his swift ascension through the ranks Saturday Night Live: He was brought onboard as a writer in 2013, landed a spot as the first black co-anchor on the show’s satiric Weekend Update a year later, and was promoted to the rank of co-head writer in 2017. But while the SNL gig bestows high-profile recognition, Che’s comedic talents remain most impressive on the standup stage. Turning his keen observations on our tumultuous cultural state, Che can be expected to cover topics both political (the shamelessness of Donald Trump) and personal (his own fumbling enlightenment of gender/racial identities).