This unicorn has an admission pass. Kyndall Harkness, Star Tribune


MetaCon 2017

Daily from Sept. 1-2
8-4 a.m.
Sept. 3
8-2 a.m.
$30 day pass; $40 three-day pass; $150 platinum admission.

There are a lot of conventions that celebrate various aspects of nerd life. Comic cons, horror cons, and anime cons have all come through the Twin Cities at different times this past year. But there’s only one convention that brings together all the nerdiest and geekiest subcultures for one super convention. MetaCon, taking place this Friday through Sunday, unites sci-fi, music, video games, steampunk, and a whole lot more in what will be like the all-star game of geekdom. They’ve got tons of unique panels and exhibits no matter what you’re into, whether it’s Mario Kart or Marvel heroes. There’s even a talk titled “Gunpla 101: Your Guide to Plastic Giant Robots.” If that’s not enough, they’ll have free autograph signings with animators, artists, and voice actors, and nighttime events like a nerdcore hip-hop show, standup comedy, and a Voltron sleepover party. Basically, if you’re into anything creative, unique, fun, and geeky, you’re going to find something you’ll like. Tickets start at just $30—which is way more affordable than some conventions—making this the most fun and economical con to kick off your fall. For tickets and more information, visit