Make new friends at Meta Con. Meta Con


Meta Con 2016

Daily from Sept. 2-3
8-4 a.m.
Sept. 4
8-2 a.m.
$37-$40; special packages available
Expos, Festivals

Con season is year-round here in the Twin Cities. This month it’s Meta Con’s turn to entertain crowds and bring people together. This four-day convention is packed with things to do, see, and celebrate from all kinds of fandoms, whether you’re a comic collector, a cosplay enthusiast, a table-top player, or all three of those things. Commission some artwork, sing your heart out at karaoke, or slay the masses at a videogame tourney. Anime screenings, workshops, and panel talks will also abound. No one will starve or die of thirst at this party either, as free soda, ramen, and rice will be available for all revelers. For registration and more info, visit