Mercury Rev; the Duke Spirit

"The Dark Is Rising," the first song I ever heard from Mercury Rev, turned my world inside-out with its sweeping orchestral movements and a purely affecting, gorgeous vocal from frontman Jonathan Donohue. Four albums since this initial experience, we have both changed considerably—their recent release Snowflake Midnight is a much more electronic inspiration with its blippy clips, spacey strings, and baroque pop trance. With the addition of openers the Duke Spirit, this evening is going to be a wondrous combination of styles. The Duke Spirit's Liela Moss's crisp and pretty P.J. Harvey-esque voice lends to the band's well-rounded mix of post-grunge shoegaze and rock, something that was proven exponentially in their summer release, Neptune. It'll be a good warm-up to Mercury Rev's moody and romantic cool down. 18+.
Fri., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2008

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