Men of Distinction

There have been quite a few parties around town centered on ladies' fashion recently. This event departs from the trend and is for men with a sense of style. Prohibition is the perfect setting, with its oversize leather couches, dark wood, and overall posh "man-den" feeling (it once served as a private office for Wilbur Foshay). During the party, patrons will be able to check out men's accessories from Martin Patrick's Essentials for Mankind line, which is loaded with stylish hats, cufflinks, travel bags, and other enviable items to obtain. For those less interested in supplementing their wardrobes, Maker's Mark's newest bourbon, Maker's 46, will be poured for free tastings. Some appetizers will also be complimentary during the evening. Throw in some signature cocktails on special and hand-rolled cigars, and this event has all its manly "cool" bases covered. (Image by Abernathy Photo)
Wed., July 21, 4-8:30 p.m., 2010

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