MCBA Microcon Comic Book Party

Ask any nerd, freak, or geek and he will tell you: Being weird is expensive. Video game systems and gaming computers can set you back several grand, easy. Trying to complete a miniatures collection? That's hundreds of dollars gone right there. Attending Gen Con? Plan on spending dough on airfare, admission tickets, hotel accommodations, and caffeinated beverages, not to mention whatever you spent meticulously recreating that Manga costume. That said, this weekend's Microcon Comic Book Party looks to be fun and affordable. A mere $7 will get you into this daylong nerd summit fit for a wizard, troll, or half-man, half-unicorn. The list of guests is huge, and include artists, writers, and bloggers, such as Stephanie Vozzo of Archie Comics, local artist Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square, and Brian Bastian of Tommy Chicago. Throw in a huge list of vendors selling their wares and a crowd of costumed characters, and you have an excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For more information visit or call 612.237.1801.
Sun., April 26, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 2009

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