MCAD Faculty Show: Rotten Sun: On the Grotesque in Art and Design

Clear the walls, MCAD students, it's the faculty's time to shine. Rotten Sun: On the Grotesque in Art and Design is the latest art event at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It's a themed show in which the installations magnify subjects that are disturbing enough in actual size. Frogette, a sculpture by adjunct faculty member Don Myhre, is a giant frog splayed-out on its back. Something about Frogette demands a second look though; the artist has subtly morphed human elements into this amphibian's lifeless body. The show has a sense of humor too, demonstrated by Tom Garret's painting of a high-heel shoe made out of beetles. Additionally, there is a glass case displaying personal electronics, identifiable only by their protruding antennas. It looks like a cell phone has been completely absorbed by the user's skin; these pink-skinned objects could very well be the amputated remains of incessant technophiles. So much for students being the troubled ones.
Aug. 24-Oct. 7, 2007

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