Matt & Kim


For a scrappy DIY pop duo, Matt and Kim have enjoyed some pretty substantial success.  Partially thanks to inescapable breakout hit "Daylight" (and partially thanks to a whole lot of web exposure), the pair are everywhere right now—being featured in TV shows and commercials, getting some radio love, and playing at music festivals all over the world. Onstage, they sometimes seem a little baffled by their own popularity, but the confusion only serves to add to the pair's already considerable charm. Their songs are fizzy and sweet, and almost all of them are relentlessly catchy; your brain will have a hard time picking out which chorus it wants to get stuck on. Adding in an impressively long and diverse repertoire of covers would seem like crowd-pleasing overkill if it weren't for the band's instantly disarming likability. It's obvious they're having a blast, and it makes for a live show that promises a gigantic grin with every ticket sold. With So So Glos and Birthday Suits. All ages.
Wed., Sept. 22, 6 p.m., 2010

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