A great sound wouldn't be enough to awe non-metalheads the way Mastadon do, even if it's the greatest sound in some time—in this case sprawling art-speed-blues played with Helmet's density, Ozzy's wail, Alice in Chains' harmonies, and Queens of the Stone Age's textural flair. The Atlanta band write great melodies and riffs on the new Crack the Skye, plain and simple, and perform them so well that you don't want them to end—so they don't. (The album spreads seven songs over 50 minutes.) If this is prog, then so are Van Halen and Fugazi, or any other restless structuralists with too many good musical ideas and not a wasted note. With Kylesa and Intronaut. 18+.
Wed., April 29, 6:30 p.m., 2009

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