Mass Portrait

"Mass Portrait," the latest show at the XYandZ gallery, features collaborative and solo pieces from local print artists Anna Tsantir and Daniel Luedtke. And while both work in the realm of abstract art, the exhibition demonstrates how varied artistic styles can be, even when working within the same genre and medium. Tsantir's art is often sparsely colored and has an organic feel. Forms sometimes appear vague while others are more specific; in one piece white shapes on black paper almost mirror each other like a kaleidoscope or paper snowflake, while in another piece familiar animal outlines emerge from inkblot-like shadow puppets. Luedtke, a self-taught printmaker, creates works filled with bright colors, futuristic lines, and humorous juxtapositions (think cinderblocks as lights and burly men with bananas). It should be interesting to see how these two artists find common ground. The opening reception is from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, June 24.
June 24-July 23, 2011

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