Mary Moore Easter Mary Ellen Frame


Mary Moore Easter

Sept. 27
7 p.m.
Free; RSVP at 651-696-2788
Literary, Poetry

Mary Moore Easter’s collection of poetry The Body of the World is about her life as an African American woman, dancer, and writer. Her visceral reading at the Loft last March demonstrated that poetry could rock. This time out, she’ll read the 15 linked sonnets that grew out of her overwhelming experience seeing the battalions of the 2,000-year-old warrior sculptures unearthed in Xian, China. Sculpted by thousands of enslaved artists to protect the Emperor Qin Shi Huang after death, the underground army became even more of a symbol of tyranny when the artists who worked on the project were murdered to protect the tomb’s location. But still, “the power of art felt so much greater than the power of dominion,” she says. The reading will be followed by a discussion and reception.