Mary Mack

Daily from June 10-11
10:30 p.m.
Daily from June 8-11
8 p.m.
It's business as usual for Mary Mack and her husband, fellow comic Tim Harmston. The couple are back in the Midwest to summer after spending the winter mostly in California. "Oh, I don't know if we're rich enough to use the word 'summer' as a verb," she cautions. "We sleep on sofas in the woods and in my camper. It's great for creativity." Harmston uses the time for other pursuits, though. "He's waiting for football season to start," she reports. "In case any of your readers have trouble sleeping, I'm providing a new service where I rent out Tim, and he stands by your bed and talks about his fantasy football team. In five minutes you're out. I've halved my meds." Harmston will likely host the week his wife is headlining at Acme. "I'm bringing a feature from New York named Rojo Perez," she says. "The gal I brought last year, Jacqueline Novak, is getting ready to tape her first Comedy Central half-hour special." 18+.