Mary Mack

Like a lot of comics, Mary Mack has loads of ideas for television projects. There's only one problem: "I'm too shy to pitch them," she muses. "I have a new manager. He's really young and a hard worker, so I'll just ask him to do it now. I just got over my fear of calling and interrupting him." One would think such a timid disposition would be at odds with a career in standup comedy. Not so, says Mack. "Being onstage is easy. You don't have to make conversation. You have your own space. You've got your own bubble. It's a very safe place to be." It is from that safe place that Mack makes jokes and sings about all sorts of things, most notably health care. "I'm not exactly thrilled with how it's turned out," she states. "I have a secret agenda to try and get people to not just pick sides." She explains: "People always pick a side and root for it instead of doing the research and using common sense. It's not football; it's real life." Though it might seem like she's being cagey, she definitely has an opinion. "It's really hard for me as a Christian to sit and watch how these Christian people deny health care to their neighbors. That's kind of my secret agenda. But how do you make it funny?" Mack says she simply has to rally and rise above her feelings on such matters, and just be funny. 18+.
April 6-10, 8 p.m.; April 9-10, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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