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Maronzio Vance

Daily from July 19-20
7:30 p.m.
July 20
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July 21
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“I’m looking at comedy differently now,” says Maronzio Vance. “It’s always been a business, but it’s more a business now than ever before because you as a comedian are a business. I don’t think comics look at themselves as a business. We look at ourselves as artists and entertainers, which we are, but at the same time you’ve got to brand yourself. You got know what you’re selling.” To that end, Vance resists doing late night talk shows. “No one watches late-night TV anymore,” he says. “The people you’re going to see on late-night TV, you’re already following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You see what they’re doing all day long.” For the first time in his career, he feels like he’s moving in the right direction after parting ways with a manager who didn’t understand him. “I used to joke, ‘I’m not black enough for black people, but sometimes I can be too aggressive for white people.’ I’m in the middle.” 16+.