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Mark Normand

Daily from Oct. 23-26
8 p.m.
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10:30 p.m.

“A little hungover,” comedian Mark Normand answers from his apartment in New York when asked how he’s been doing since the last time City Pages spoke to him. In addition to several late-night talk show appearances, Normand has been building and fine-tuning his set. “I’ve got an hour now that’s really humming, baby,” he says. “It’s all my whacky thoughts put down on paper about racial tensions, drinking, society, PC culture, men and women—it’s no holds barred.” And he’s constantly working on it, even when he’s trying to take a break. “I’m not a shut-it-down kind of guy, even on vacation,” he adds. “When I get back to New York it’s home stuff, paying bills, checking on my apartment, doing spots in the city, working on new material, doing a bunch of podcasts; it never ends.” He likens his struggle to that of a famous figure from Greek mythology. “It’s like Sisyphus,” he says. “You push that boulder up, and it rolls back down, and then you get syphilis.” 18+.