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Mark Normand

Daily from May 3-5
8 p.m.
Daily from May 4-5
10:30 p.m.

“I went to film school in New York and then hated doing movies,” explains New Orleans native Mark Normand. “You have to get the actors, the gaffer, the grip, the equipment, write the script, and schedule everything. It was more stress than fun.” Doing sketch comedy at night opened up a whole new world. “It was so much easier than doing movies. It was way more fun.” He parlayed that interest into standup and returned to New Orleans only to find there was a lack of venues at which to perform. “There was one show a week, sometimes two if you were lucky. In New York, there are like eight million a night.” So, he headed back and paid his dues. “I got mugged, blackout drunk, lost on the subway, my landlord died of AIDS, and I got bed bugs.” He stuck to it, taking day jobs that didn’t interfere with open mics. After two years of being terrible, he became more comfortable and started developing a voice. After six, he was able to do comedy full-time. Now he headlines clubs across the country, and has made multiple appearances on Conan and The Tonight Show. 18+.