Marina & the Diamonds

It's another one of those pop paradoxes. The Thompson Twins weren't siblings at all, and there was no Marshall Tucker in the Marshall Tucker Band. Similarly, the "Diamonds" in Marina and the Diamonds are not the Welsh singer's backing band. But they do exist. It's the fans, you see, who are the Diamonds. Derived from Marina's last name, Diamandis, which is Greek for "diamonds," it just came together rather naturally. "It wasn't very calculated," she says. "When I made it up about four or five years ago . . . I didn't want to be perceived as a solo artist like a big pop star. I wanted to create something that involved people and didn't make anyone feel excluded." Her debut album, The Family Jewels, was top-five in the U.K. this past spring, and contained the top-20 hit "Hollywood," a catchy but sort of odd song. "It was written two and a half years ago, way before I got signed," she explains. "It's funny because I wouldn't describe my relationship with America as love or hate. Anything that has an element of illusion naturally fascinates people. I absolutely love America. The Diamonds there are the best!" With openers Young the Giant. 18+.
Fri., Sept. 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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