Maria Bamford Robyn Von Swank


Maria Bamford

Nov. 17
7:30 p.m.

“I’m on the internet, dating,” Maria Bamford tells an audience. “I’m on match-dot-bomb and e-harming-me. So many people are so active and so flexible.” She then voices someone posting on a dating site: “‘I work hard and play hard. I’ll rest when I’m dead. I’ll rest when I’m Ted, and I’ll never be that guy! Got your passport? Let’s go paraglide-biking!’” She responds: “I’ve got to be honest with who I am. ‘I can wear the same outfit for five days, and I can crouch naked in the shower and get real small. I sleep hard, I dream harder. I’ll wake up when it’s time. Got your library card? Let’s go pay off my fines.’” It’s this mix of nonsequiturs, irreverence, and character voices that Bamford effortlessly brings together in one hilarious concoction. Topics like God, TV chefs, and Netflix, to name just a few, all get the treatment in her latest set. Bamford’s unique style has earned her fans in not only comedy audiences but also other comics.