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Maria Bamford

Oct. 20
7:30 p.m.

Channeling her own deep-rooted anxieties into humor, Duluth native Maria Bamford has perfected the art of evoking laughs from supposed weakness. Her open acknowledgment of her mental health struggles requires exceptional courage; spinning those very same afflictions into uproarious comedy is even more extraordinary. As a result, Bamford’s devoted fan base has grown from a cult following to an international audience, popularized further by her critically acclaimed Netflix show, Lady Dynamite. Bamford’s standup provides an outsider perspective on everyday behavior, marveling at just how easily most people fall into the most ridiculous of situations. She’s not above the fray, mind you, only more aware of her complicit compulsions. Her confessional humor continues to exemplify a sense of catharsis with every performance, inspiring audiences with the therapeutic potency of laughter.