Marcy Playground

It's hard to say what's more surprising about Marcy Playground: the fact that this band is still rocking 12 years after its radio hit, "Sex and Candy," was overplayed into oblivion, or the fact that it turns out lead singer John Wozniak is a Minnesota native, and that he named his band after the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis. Who knew? The band is currently touring in support of its fourth studio album, Leaving a Fit of Rage, and the songs show a significant growth from the "Sex and Candy" years (although one song, "Gin and Money," seems to play on their previous hit's theme). Songs shuffle along in a fairly typical folk-rock format, but the lyrics are more personal than one would expect from such a radio-friendly group, at times veering into something resembling soul music. With Stealing Seconds. 18+.
Sat., Aug. 22, 8 p.m., 2009

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