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Mapping Prejudice: Uncovering the Hidden History of Race in Minneapolis

June 28
7-9 p.m.
Political, Speakers

It’s not breaking news that cities across the country have been subject to race-based restriction practices throughout history. This includes hiring policies, curfews, and segregated spaces and neighborhoods. However, no city has tracked the full extent of these restrictions and their impact. The Mapping Prejudice Project hopes to be the first, as it looks at how these laws and policies worked as a hidden system of American apartheid right here in the land of Minnesota Nice. History and geography experts working on the project include Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, a graduate student at the U of M; local historian Penny Petersen; and Kirsten Delegard, scholar-in-residence at Augsburg College and founder of Historyopolis, a site that examines how Minneapolis has developed and changed over time. Together, they will lead Wednesday’s hands-on session, where you’ll dig into Minneapolis property records from the 20th century. Get ready to help contribute, and make sure to bring a laptop. More info on the project can be found at