Magic 8 Ball

Feb. 7
7 p.m.
$10-$16 sliding scale.
Cabaret, Dance, Drag

Theresa Madaus is back at the Bryant-Lake Bowl for the second-annual Magic 8 Ball, an evening of dance, drag, and glittery audacity. Local performers Paige Collette, Julia Davidson, Jeffry Lusiak (aka PussPuss), and Megan Mayer will join Madaus for an evening of no-holds-barred extravagance. Presented by Lipsync Lesbian, the show will also include a little tidbit from Madaus’ reunited dance group, Mad King Thomas. Some of the members have moved to other cities, so we don’t get to see their awesomeness as frequently here in the Twin Cities these days. Expect the unexpected with a mashup of high and low art.