The 'lab' in process. Alison Hiltner


MAEP: Alison Hiltner

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Artist Alison Hiltner is a science-fiction fan. It’s evident in her sculptures, which fuse media (in the form of video games, film, and television) with outlandish technology. Hiltner’s work is at once preposterous and strangely feasible, something you might see in a futuristic film but that might not be that far off from becoming reality. Her new exhibition, “It Is Yesterday,” opens at the MAEP Gallery at Mia on Thursday. The large-scale installation is based on a previous work, It Was Tomorrow, a Seussian structure of suspended latex bags, rubber tubing, and pumps. Microalgae bubble in the bags as they respond to carbon dioxide levels in the gallery. Viewers can influence the rate of the pumps by breathing into sensor boxes. “Inspiring curiosity through spectacle is an effective way to encourage people to investigate the world around them to become more engaged in ecological realities or even the sciences,” she says. Hiltner received her MFA from the University of Minnesota. She lives and works in Minneapolis. 

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