Macca: A Tribute to Paul McCartney

Perhaps at one of Curtiss A's John shows you've, in earnest or jest, yelled out for one of Paul's songs and received a cold stare from some Lennonist toughie. Well now, at last, some people want to fill the club with silly love songs, serious harmonies, deathless melodies, and funny looking basses. And what's wrong with that? With the Melismatics (pictured), Blue Sky Blackout, White Light Riot, the Duke of Dark, Guppy (featuring Adam Levy & Ashleigh Still), the Lanes, John Eller, John Munson, Janey Winterbauer, Dan Israel, David Ronald Beckey, Alicia Wiley, Kelly Jo Mitchell, and others, plus probable appearances by Michelle, Admiral Halsey, Jude, Magneto, Titanium Man, Father McKenzie, and the one and only Billy Shears. 18+. (Photo by Tay-lo)
Wed., Aug. 25, 8 p.m., 2010

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