Mac Lethal

There is an entirely different white-boy vibe when it comes to the hip-hop of Mac Lethal—his rhymes are so clearly articulated and annunciated that they take on a persona of their own. Straight out of Kansas City, the barbeque capitol of the Midwest, David McCleary Sheldon became Mac Lethal and began to gain notoriety with his battle rapping skills when he won Scribble Jam back in 2002. A move to Rhymesayers and a couple of albums later, he's on a spring tour that winds itself around the states before bombarding Minnesota border to border in order to satiate our need for sarcastically clever, occasionally political rap that incorporates his bratty, uncouth, and not-so-secretly sensitive charm. And admit it, the poppy soul-funk of "Sun Storm" was a dope track to listen to when you were watching the occasional elimination clips on America's Best Dance Crew. Show up on time, because an opening set by Seattle's Hip Hop soul man Grieves can't be missed. With DJ Sku and Soulcrate. 18+.
Thu., May 8, 8 p.m., 2008

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