Lupe Fiasco

Nov. 4
8 p.m.

If Lupe Fiasco retires early, an idea he has indeed entertained, he may go down as a highly underrated rapper. But that’s only because the 34-year-old Chicago native so often steered clear of hip-hop trends that may have given his popularity a boost. In the mid ’00s, he arrived with a knack for storytelling and an adventurous ear for beats. His first two albums — 2006’s Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor and 2007’s Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool — are arguable classics, though he would later waver with 2011’s disappointing and uncharacteristically commercial-sounding Lasers. In fact, last year, Lupe himself volunteered to destroy physical copies of that album with an actual laser. Fortunately, he’s returned to form. Lupe’s latest LP, last year’s Tetsuo & Youth, had plenty to offer longtime enthusiasts of his lyricism. Hell, its first proper song, the instantly legendary “Mural,” is a nine-minute avalanche of imagery and wordplay, making no room for a chorus. After initially saying he intended to drop three albums in 2016, Lupe has yet to release a single one; instead, he’ll be touring throughout most of November and December.