Luke's Angels CD-Release Show

In an age where two-pieces strive to sound like three, this Minneapolis trio brings the lush luster of a quintet with the greatest of ease. Is that upping the ante, or just preserving a proportion? Who the hell cares, Poindexter? Luke's Angels' new disc, hot off of local mix-master Jacques Wait's boards, is sleek and shiny enough for anyone looking for more of the head-bobbing listenability that the long-defunct Breeders can no longer supply. Sisters Jennie and Melissa Kalpin weave their frictionless harmonies as if from a satin loom, while Nick Hook lays on enough syncopated hi-hat to make the metronomic, Petty-esque guitar lines excellent dance floor material. Always willing to grind into a good power chord and the occasional screamy hook, they manage a sound that's at once potent and professional. Know thy basics, and keep them holy: Luke's Angels have this 11th commandment well in hand. With Birds of Virginia, Deep Pool, and the Wild Animals.
Sat., Feb. 9, 9 p.m., 2008

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