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Lucinda Williams

April 28
8 p.m.
Alt-Country, Americana, Classic Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Equally acclaimed and cherished, Lucinda Williams’ literary, roots-infused ventures into the American South’s heart of darkness have yielded memorable dissections of the bitter and sweet, though mostly settling on their unnerving union. Her nuanced drawl, as expressive as her character-driven, emotionally charged lyrics, sparks forays into a simmering blend of country, folk, blues, rock, jazz, and gospel. For this show, she’ll return to the scene of one of her greatest joys — marrying Minnesota native Tom Overby onstage — with something special: a complete run-through of Sweet Old World, the 1992 album that affirmed the rep for intelligent, probing songs she had established four years earlier on her eponymous breakthrough. The title cut and “Pineola” are remarkable mediations on suicide. “He Never Got Enough Love” and “Memphis Pearl” are striking studies of people struggling through desperate lives. And finally, there’s “Hot Blood,” Williams’ sultry take on pure lust.

PROMOTIONAL EVENT DESCRIPTION Lucinda Williams Featuring a Performance of 'Sweet Old World'

Friday, April 28, 2017 | 8:00pm | $35 | 18+ | First Avenue- Mainroom 

Lucinda Williams: We’ve all heard about the iconic vibe of Route 66, the neon lights on Broadway and the ocean air of the Pacific Coast Highway. But there are untold stories emanating from countless blue highways across the land – like Interstate 20, which cuts a 1500-mile swath from South Carolina to Texas, and cuts deep into the spirit of those who’ve spent their lives traversing it. Lucinda Williams is one of those people, and with the expansive, enveloping The Ghosts of Highway 20, she brings those stories to life – and gives listeners a remarkably vivid look at how the highway has been a literal and figurative backdrop throughout her entire life. The intensely involving 14-song collection may be the most deeply felt, deeply affecting work of Lucinda Williams’ illustrious 35-plus-year career, a career that has been established on a foundation of remarkably personal songs.

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