Love Me, Love My Questionable Art

Ballerinas dancing en pointe to The Nutcracker, this show ain't. Nor is it classic jazz or tap. Love Me, Love My Questionable Art is a fusion of dance, performance, and theater, guaranteed to be "untested, untried, but true." Minneapolis-based trio Mad King Thomas help put together wacky, challenging, and unique performances that will stretch your eyes, ears, mind, and expectations as much as they stretch the dancers' calves, abs, and arches. Featured sets include a dance-off with a dump truck featuring Sally Rousse of James Sewell Ballet, a romp in a pool of mud and sparkles with Galen Treuer, and HIJACK's take on drunken giraffes. A few performances may even touch on philosophy and the nature of being. Enjoy a lively discussion on what the hell you just saw over a pint after the show.
Wed., Jan. 14, 7 p.m., 2009

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