Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is often referred to as a "comic's comic," but what does that mean, exactly? Fellow standups appreciate C.K.'s obvious talent, which is impossible to overlook in his amiable but bombastic performances. Even more, however, the pros respect his dedication to the craft. C.K. is one of the most prolific and inventive writers in the business, generating one-of-a-kind routines and spinning even the most hackneyed premises into surprisingly original bits; airplanes, needy children, and middle-aged sex (or the lack thereof) become novel again in C.K.'s universe. And though his résumé includes feature film directing, as well as writing gigs for some of the most prestigious comedy shows of the era (including Letterman, Conan, and the cult-classic Dana Carvey Show), the live stage remains his venue of choice. In an interview on Chewed Up, his latest DVD, C.K. discusses his dedication to George Carlin's rigorous practice of forging a new hour-long act every year or so, recording it for a special, then abandoning the material to create a whole new show. The daunting task has amped up C.K.'s output without diminishing its potency.
Fri., April 24, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2009

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