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Louie Anderson

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A whole new generation is discovering St. Paul native Louie Anderson thanks to his role in the critically acclaimed FX sitcom Baskets. Louis CK pulled him into that project. “He called me and said, ‘I’m working with Zach Galifianakis, and we’d like you to do a part on this show playing Zach’s mother.’ I said, ‘Yes! I’d love that.’” Anderson spoke to City Pages via phone from right outside the show’s writers’ room. “We’re just writing the episodes now for the third season. I sit with the writers and say, ‘Here’s what I’d like to do. This is what I think would be fun.’ It’s a true collaboration.” For Anderson, it’s been a wonderful opportunity. “It’s not all riding on me,” he says. “I’m playing a part, and I get to just come out and do the best possible part I can. Here’s this great project. Just try and make it a little better.” And that he has, winning an Emmy last fall for best supporting actor. Anderson, who based the role on his own mother, has an interesting approach. “I’m trying to disappear,” he says, “so you’re not focused on me.” Onstage, he’s developing his next hour of material, which will be shot sometime in 2018.