Louie Anderson

Like Roseanne, Louie Anderson pioneered the concept of turning family dysfunction into standup comedy in the 1980s. He turned his stage success into a few movie roles, a three-year stint as host of Family Feud, and three books. However, a few years ago the Minneapolis native put down roots in Las Vegas, performing regularly at the Excalibur. "I'm doing kind of a different set now. People are going to see a brand new show, one that they've never seen before when I come there." He hasn't completely abandoned the kind of comedy that made him famous though, adding, "of course there will be family stuff in it, because I've left in a part to pay homage to my family, but in a little different way. I'll be really interested to see how people respond to it." While there is still some self-effacing humor ("my first words were 'seconds, please'"), Anderson has continued to develop new themes while staying true to his roots. "I'm doing a little current events," he says, "and I'm doing a lot of stuff on the human condition. I had heart surgery [in 2003], so I do a whole thing on that, and I talk about being raised in a family where food was number one and about how an addiction to food can be as bad as an addiction to drugs." With Mary Mack. $24-$109.58 (meet and greet available). 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. 84 Church St. SE, Minneapolis; 612.624.2345.
Sat., Dec. 27, 6 & 9 p.m., 2008

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