Lou Barlow & the Missingmen

Lou Barlow's like a musical nomad; the man simply can't find a project or identity to call home. From Dinosaur Jr.'s passive-agro fits to Sebadoh's sad-sack navel-gazing to Sentridoh's four-tracked woe-is-me to Folk Implosion's indie-omnivore splay—the laundry list of additional team-ups and one-offs is far to long to unfurl here—Barlow's worked hard to make willful lameness seem almost, well, cool, wearing his unrequited adorations on his sweat-stained black tees like loser badges of honor. In recent years, he's reunited with his old Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. frenemies for tours and albums that were as artistically satisfying as they were profitable; right now, he's on the road with a crew called the Missingmen. Goodnight Unknown, the Missingmen's debut, was no great shakes, but follow-up EP Sentridoh III is at least lively and somewhat memorable. If you're lucky, Mr. Losercore will shed the band, grab an acoustic, and passionately mine the vein he's best in. With Young Man. 18+. (Photo by John Gullo)
Wed., Aug. 25, 8 p.m., 2010

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