Lorelei Ramirez Promo image


Lorelei Ramirez: Alive! (For Now)

Nov. 1
7 p.m.
Comedy, LGBTQ, Performance Art, Theater

Art, standup comedy, writing: Lorelei Ramirez does it all for Alive! (For Now). Growing up, Ramirez was interested in art, and went to New York City to attend art school. Then reality set in. “I found out that it’s really hard to do art if you’re not someone from money,” they explain. “To actually have a career in art is really hard. I still have friends that are in the scene, and they are struggling financially.” Ramirez still pursued art, but also got interested in standup comedy and writing. For the former, they didn’t go to clubs, instead creating shows independently with friends, mostly in the LGBTQ community. “We were just fooling around,” they note, “and would occasionally perform at clubs. But club spaces can be toxic.” For Ramirez’s show at Phoenix Theater, fans will be treated to a wide variety of their talents. “It’s mixture of my standup, drawing, poetry, and I do some crowd-work stuff.” The show was developed when Ramirez was asked by a community theater if they could indeed put all of their disciplines together in one show. “That was the challenge, and it’s the first time I’ve successfully done it.”