Lookbook (CD-Release)

Arguably one of the most popular music acts in the Twin Cities, City Pages-nominated "Best New Band" Lookbook will cement their status as local band-done-good this weekend when they release their first full-length album, Wild at Heart. For those who have seen the electro duo of Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison perform live (and if you're the type to seek out live music in the Cities, chances are you have, as they have been gigging heavily for over a year), the songs on Wild at Heart will be mostly familiar fare. "Yesterday's Company," "The Only Ones," and a personal favorite, "True to Form," are immediate highlights, and the tracks that have been played fewer times live are nestled in like treasures for more well-versed fans. Overall, there are no huge surprises on the CD—the songs sound just as good recorded as they do live—but Wild at Heart provides a timely snapshot of two bandmates who are continuing to hone their unique sound and expound on the ideas presented on last year's breakout EP. With Zoo Animal and Shahs. (Photo provided by artist)
Sat., Oct. 3, 9 p.m., 2009

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