Location, Volume 3

In case you haven't been paying attention, local multimedia artists and provocateurs Scott Nedrelow (of the ironically minimalist Book + Sleeve for the iPad and photographer of fantastical schema) and Ruben Nusz (astute art commentator and creator of disconcerting-yet-alluring installations) have been putting out a quarterly publication. Called Location, the project is described as "essentially a gallery between two hard covers." The books are designed to capture the elusive nature of the art-making process in a tangible, two-dimensional medium. The artfully produced Volume 3 is composed of selections from the personal sketchbooks of 10 contemporary artists from cities around the world (including Megan Vossler and Allen Brewer from Minneapolis). Each chapter reveals how the act of drawing functions as an integral part of a creative practice, as well as a tool for instigating discourse on public versus private, innovation versus documentation, process versus completion. Add to that list: the notebook re-contextualized as limited-edition art object, when Volume 3 is unveiled at an exhibition/installation party this Wednesday.
Wed., Nov. 10, 6-9 p.m., 2010

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