Lizz Winstead: The First 100 Days: Obama's and Mine

What the hell is going on? Like many Americans, Lizz Winstead is trying to figure out our tangled web of politics. "Can anyone make sense of the 'global financial crisis'?" she ponders. "Can Tim Geithner? Joe Scarborough? I'm sorry, but I'm trying to do the math and I can't. Which is great for comedy, but bad for the world." It's true; sometimes the biggest laughs come from pain, confusion, and hindsight. The Minnesota native, who co-created The Daily Show and Air America Radio, had another hit on her hands last year with Wake Up World!, a spoof of morning news programs. Many shows were sold out, including her performances here in the Twin Cities during the RNC. This time around she is set to give a rare standup comedy performance, lampooning everyone from Michele Bachmann to Rush Limbaugh and even some DFLers. Baron Vaughn, who played co-anchor to Winstead on World, will open the show. 21+.
May 1-2, 9 p.m., 2009

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