Little Feat

You could say Little Feat lost its heart and soul when Lowell George died in 1979. You'd be wrong. Mere mortality couldn't extinguish George's protean soul or a band that's always seemed fueled by some magical force soaring like a genie out of the apogee of Paul Barrere's slide. George's untimely demise did end Feat's most creative period, when each new album yielded a handful of new indelible nuggets. It even ended the band itself for a while, until Bill Payne and Barrere heard a siren call from that bubbling cauldron of fabulous Feat fodder a decade or so later and reconvened the rest of the survivors. Always a great live band, the Feat haven't faltered since, sailin' along on the larger-than-life spirit of George and the band's still-combustible blend of rock, country, boogie, jazz, rockabilly, and a particularly pungent dose of Louisiana swamp gas. A slew of the classics, plus tunes from Huey Piano Smith, the Band, and Woody Guthrie sound great on August's Join the Band (429), which a dizzying array of pals took literally, from Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris to Bob Seger and Dave Matthews. Most poignant is Inara George, of the Bird and the Bee fame and Lowell's daughter, singing Lowell's "Trouble" accompanied only by Payne's piano. Feats haven't failed yet.
Fri., Oct. 24, 8 p.m., 2008

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