Lissie Maurus has certainly come a long way since her largely ignored self-titled debut EP. She crossed paths with singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt and Band of Horses bassist Bill Reynolds, who helped record her stellar follow-up EP, Why You Runnin', which finally managed to get everyone's attention. And in the process, this burgeoning artist strengthened her vocals as well as her resolve, resulting in last year's catchy and charismatic full-length, Catching a Tiger. Now that everyone seems to be listening, Lissie has become more adventurous with her live shows as well, expanding on her sound while giving the songs an added bite, plus throwing in some unexpected covers that she certainly makes her own. Her rescheduled live return to Minneapolis is not to be missed. With Dylan LeBlanc. (Photo by Valerie Phillips)
Thu., Jan. 20, 7 p.m., 2011

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