Lisa Landry

Though she has a toddler, comedian Lisa Landry doesn't talk a whole lot about motherhood onstage. "I try to talk about other things," she says. "It's awesome to have a kid, but there's obviously a lot more going on in the world than diapers and booties." She does admit that her lifestyle has changed somewhat. "I love drinking, but you can't drink when you're a mom unless you're Britney." Like Ms. Spears, Landry is a native of Louisiana but now lives in Los Angeles. Her husband and she recently relocated from New York. "We were tired of living in a 600-square-foot apartment with a baby," she reckons. "Now the baby has his own room, so we can have sex again." She pauses and tells her husband in the background, "It's for an interview for a paper." She then explains, "He's like, 'Do you really need to tell him that?'" Landry admits that her move to L.A. was made mostly to land a sitcom. She has some ideas on what she wants the show to be like. "I want it to be a sitcom that's like a reality show. Every week I get to eliminate a family member," she says. "Ultimately the sneakiest person always wins. What they win on my show is that they get to take my baby for three months. If the show runs for seven years, I get a lot of free babysitting." 18+.
Nov. 3-7, 8 p.m.; Nov. 6-7, 10:30 p.m., 2009

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