Lisa Lampanelli

The fact that her website is called should tell you quite a bit about Lisa Lampenelli. The so-called "Queen of Mean" has never been bigger. Take her recent HBO special for example. "That was very spectacular," she says. "I beat everyone in the ratings last year except for Chris Rock, and that's only a matter of time before I edge him out too. I got lots of satisfaction out of beating George Carlin who tried playing that death card, but that didn't work for you, fucker." Does she ever think she's gone too far? "Absolutely not," she insists. "If it's over the top, I type it right into the old Blackberry and think it over, and make it funny. Because really is there any line, and who draws it, and what's the arbitrary line that you should not go over? I think the only line is: Is it funny or not?"
Sat., May 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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