LINE: An Exploration of T-shirt Graphics

From concert tees selling for big bucks on eBay, to racks of overpriced vintage tees at thrift stores, to cool designs from shirt co-ops like, the T-shirt business is a serious one. The messages scrawled across our chests indicate who we are in that moment as much as any other style signifier. This world of wearable art will be explored in CO Exhibition's latest show, "LINE." Folks at the print studio have expressed a certain kinship with T-shirt graphics, as appreciation for both mediums have grown over the past 50 years. The exhibition will feature art tees demonstrating various creation methods, from distressed shredding to hand-painted to screen printed. Artists include Michael Gaughan, Joseph Belk, Booka B, Mike Davis, and Wes Winship. The opening party runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, April 9 and features live music from the 717 Boys.
April 9-23, 2011

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