Lil' Black Blondie

Black Blondie have been putting on so many shows around town that it's almost hard to believe they've only been a prominent fixture in the local scene since 2006, especially since they've already made it to the point where they're spinning off side projects. Well, OK, maybe Lil' Black Blondie isn't your typical traditional "I can't stand my bandmates right now" side project -- they're more like a simultaneous distillation and expansion of what Black Blondie is at its pure, instrumental core. The "Lil'" version of Black Blondie, featuring keyboardist Tasha Baron and bassist Liz Draper backed by a rotating cast of guest drummers, takes the wide-ranging neo-soul/R&B blend of their mothership group and lets it sprawl out even further into heavy funk, dub, fusion, and afrobeat. It should be a fine prelude to the bigger-than-Lil' edition of the group's appearance at the Red Stag Block Party this upcoming Saturday.
Wed., Aug. 19, 10 p.m., 2009

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