You could call Lights, whose birth name is Valerie Poxleitner, the girl and/or Canadian version of Minnesota's own Owl City. The similarities are striking: Both picked up a guitar and started writing songs in their early teens, before switching to electronics in an attempt to expand their respective sounds. Both owe their early success to the internet and social media. The two are Christians, and while they are by no means Christian rock acts, their faith is an influence. And most importantly, Owl City and Lights make catchy electronic music to which you can bop around, or simply sit back and listen. There are differences, though. Lights is more influenced by the synth bands of the '80s such as New Order and Human League. "I've certainly drawn my share of influence from them," she says. "In fact, I just had a chance to see Human League play in the U.K. It was really interesting." And if future Big Bang theorists weren't already imagining this lovely chanteuse as their Canadian girlfriend, there's this little nugget—-she's totally into video games. "Losing yourself in another world is kind of perfect for inspiration," she explains. "My job and my hobby are the same can't take a weekend off, so I just lose myself in World of Warcraft." With Stars of Track and Field. All ages.
Tue., Oct. 27, 6 p.m., 2009

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